Group Discounts

The objective of Directions EMEA is to provide Dynamics Partners with as much useful and up-to-date knowledge as possible. Over the course of three days, the best experts and ISV representatives will deliver over 160 sessions within different presentation tracks and 30 workshops. 

As an attendee you can create his own session path that matches your own interests and challenges. However, coming to Directions EMEA as a team, will enable you to fully benefit from the event and gain all the knowledge your company needs. By sharing knowledge from different sessions your team have attended, you can get a compete overview on what’s new and important in the Dynamics business and technology.

Use this opportunity and register as a group. By bringing more attendees to the conference, you can benefit from the following discounts.

Group of 3-5 members 50 EUR discount per person (3-5)
Group of 6-10 members 100 EUR discount per person (6-10)
Group of 11+ members 150 EUR discount per person (11+)

The discounts are available throughout the whole registration period until the beginning of the conference. Additional attendees can be added to the attendee who has already registered as the primary contact for the group.

The group discounts are calculated for attendees registered as groups of 3-5, which means the first two (1-2) do not receive the discount. For groups with 6-10 members, the discount is calculated for attendees registered as 6-10.

The group discounts reduce the prices shown below.

 Group Discounts are still available !

If you have additional questions or experience any problems at registration, please contact the DirectionsEMEA team at

Super-Early-Bird Price: February 15 to April 17 845 EUR
Early-Bird Price: April 17 to July 31 995 EUR
Normal Price: July 31 to end 1145 EUR
Guests / Spouses (no access to sessions): 200 EUR

* Due to EU regulations, the 21% VAT will be added to these prices.

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