A Platform You Can Trust: How to Harden Your Security On-prem and in the Service

Date: Monday, October 29, 2018 | From: 17:15:00 to 18:15:00 | Room: OCEANIA F

What do you reply when customers ask about Business Central security (on prem or in the service)? Maybe you are about to install Business Central on prem for a customer. How do you harden that installation to meet security best practices and requirements from auditors? Or maybe you would like to get insights into how secure the Business Central really is? In this session we will go through the security best practices we use for running the service version of Business Central, covering security in the client, application, server, network, database and more. After the session you will be able to implement more secure projects with Business Central if you operate on-prem, or be able to communicate to customers why the Business Central service is a platform they can trust.


Jens Moller-Pedersen

- Microsoft

Bio: Jens Møller-Pedersen is a Principal Engineering Lead for 2 Dynamics Business Central teams - the Server Backend team and the Platform SE team. In this role he is responsible for the data access layer (SQL), AL runtime, reporting and general server performance as well as shipping the monthly Cumulative Updates for all in-market versions. Jens joined Damgaard in 2000 and later Microsoft in 2002 when Microsoft acquired Navision. Since then he has been leading several different teams in AX, MBF and NAV covering client, server and Office integration technologies. Jens holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and is also a dedicated soccer coach, so be careful about starting a discussion on football as it can take some time. Professionally he is passionate about performance, telemetry, API design and generally building quality software.