A DevOps best practice in the spotlight

Date: Wednesday, October 31, 2018 | From: 14:00:00 to 15:00:00 | Room: OCEANIA F

Implementing CI/CD practices has not been a common practice within the NAV community. Until now, automated build solutions did not support out-of-the-box building steps and implementing source control was a hassle (the latter because development for NAV is done inside a database.) This has changed with the introduction of AL and VSCode development. Source control integration is now available out-of-the-box. While this is great news, we're not there yet as a CI/CD solution is still required to keep up with fast changing environments (Business Central is releasing a major release every half year and minor release versions every month). In this session ISV Partner cegeka-dsa demonstrates how they have implemented CI/CD in a hybrid situation in which C/AL and AL are developed side-by-side. The complete development-, test- and delivery process is implemented within Azure DevOps (formally known as VSTS) and source control based on GIT. If you have doubts whether or not Azure DevOps is suitable for NAV solutions, participate in this session to learn more.


Esben Nyhuus Kristoffersen

Principal Architect - Microsoft

Bio: Esben joined Microsoft in 2003 as a Senior Software Development Engineer working on Microsoft Business Framework (MBF) and later Fenway. He moved to the Dynamics NAV team in 2006. Before joining Microsoft Esben had his own software company that developed project/time management software for Time/system International and later a combined POS and online reservation system for bowling centers. Today Esben is a Principal Architect on the Business Central team. Esben has been a part of the team behind the new developer tools from the inception.

Ron Koppelaar

Enterprise Architect - Cegeka-dsa

Bio: Ron has been working in all kind of development roles with MS technology since early 2000. After the merging of Cegeka and DSA in 2014, the primary solution Cegeka-dsa delivers to the market is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. His primary focus since then was to optimize the development process by implementing source control, automated builds and deliveries. First by using TFS and Jenkins, but for the last two years full CI/CD implementation was based on VSTS and GIT. Currently known as Azure DevOps.