War for Talents: How Marketing attracts Generation X to Z

Date: Monday, October 29, 2018 | From: 14:30:00 to 15:30:00 | Room: EUROPE

War for Talents: How Marketing attracts Generation X to Y When you think about Marketing, you often think about Campaigns, Websites and Banners – but what about Recruiting? Not only IT companies are in the middle of the so called „War for Talents“ but the IT sector faces one of the highest competitions these days. Speaking of talents you often hear the buzzwords Generation X, Y or Millenials. We want to bring light into the dark and talk about strengths and weaknesses of each generation and why a mix is important for your team’s (and companies) success. You will hear best practices as well as tipps and tricks on how to attract the best talents for your team – to speak in Buzzwords: Employer Branding, HR Marketing & Social Media Recruiting won’t be left out. Find out why Marketing is more than a secret weapon and should be HR’s best friend in the future.


Saskia Bardun

Senior Marketing Manager - agiles Group

Bio: Saskia Bardun is the Senior Marketing Manager at agiles, where she is mainly responsible for the strategic planning and Event Management. While studying for her Master’s degree she developed a strong interest in Human Resources. As an HR enthusiast she is also responsible for recruiting new talents, where her eight years of experience in Marketing are a big benefit.