How to make your Dev Teams transition to AL an advantage.

Date: Monday, October 29, 2018 | From: 17:15:00 to 18:15:00 | Room: EUROPE

Lots of us know and understand NAV’s CAL development process backwards so the transition to the new AL language and VS Code environment looks like a huge amount to relearn. How do we justify the extra time it will take while we learn, when we could deliver it fast the tried and proven way? How do we sell the advantages to our management team and most of all our clients, when to them it looks like just more risk and longer to deliver? How do we turn it from a time consuming threat to major advantage that will replace that lost perpetual margin? If your part of that management team, what should AL be delivering that CAL never could? If you’re in sales how do you present this to your clients and get them to pay for it? How will you and they get payback and what’s the best way to get started? How can you get quick results that delight your clients and what skills are essential? This session is for non-developers who manage development processes or people and want to understand what’s changed.


James Crowter

Managing Director - Technology Management

Bio: James is the CEO of Technology Management, one of the UK's biggest Dynamics partners focused on Business Central. Now with twenty five years NAV consulting history but also can write some code when he has to, James knows the product and more importantly how clients want to use it. He's also passionate about the Dynamics SMB community evidenced by him being awarded MVP status in 2015. In the last three years James has been focused on reinventing his companies IP as product with a separate division called Clever Dynamics.