Charge what you want - Packaging and Pricing your New Business Central Offering

Date: Monday, October 29, 2018 | From: 17:15:00 to 18:15:00 | Room: EVEREST12

Cloud solutions are not developed, packaged, positioned or priced like traditional on-premises solutions. This session is designed to help you kick-start and/or, improve your cloud pricing and packaging. Successfully bringing a new Business Central solution to market and accelerating the acquisition or new customers requires a shift away from familiar time and materials-based project pricing and a move towards offering packaged solutions which include both subscription licences and bundled services. In this session you will learn about value based pricing, pricing psychology, how to design compelling packaged offers that reduce risk and increase margins, how to price differently for various market segments, how to provide buyers with choice and how to bias prospects towards your solution while accelerating your sales cycle.


Sharka Chobot

Teach and Inspire Marketing - Neural impact

Bio: Sharka Chobot is the creator of the CRM product category (1995) and Chief Transformation Officer of Neural Impact. Sharka applies research from behavioral economics, neuroscience and persuasion psychology to help Microsoft partners develop an effective customer acquisition and go to market strategy. She has over 30 years of technology specific expertise and teaches behavioral marketing at the University of British Columbia, Canada. Sharka has worked with hundreds of Microsoft partners on six continents to develop their cloud product, packaging, pricing and vertical market strategy and to accelerate their transition to a SaaS business model.