Test automation

Date: Monday, October 29, 2018 | From: 17:15:00 to 18:15:00 | Room: AMAZONE

This session will cover the why and how you setup your test automation. We will cover - How the Dynamics Business Central team is approaching testing, explain the goals, tools and processes used. - Discuss available tools - Test runners, test isolation, code coverage driven execution, tests shipped out of the box, writing tests - Structuring the tests, patterns (Mocking Events, " Switch"-ing code execution to get different paths), writing tests for the extensions - Test environments - Docker, sandbox, demo tenants - Plans for going forward - Answering any questions that you may have


Nikola Kukrika

Senior Software Engineer - Microsoft

Bio: Joined Microsoft in 2007. Started in the Client team, worked on the first version of Role Tailored Client and first version of Web and SharePoint clients. After the NAV 2013, joined the application team and was working on OCR, data exchange, payment reconciliation and simplification of the application scenarios. After that the focus has shifted to the integration to the outside services (PayPal, Currency Exchange...). Currently working on the APIs and Web Services. I'm also responsible for the Upgrade Testing and driving of the Test effort. Feel free to grab me for a chat if you are interested in API, Web Services, Patterns, Upgrade or testing in General.