ForNAV-Reports made easy for Business Central

Date: Tuesday, October 30, 2018 | From: 12:15:00 to 13:00:00 | Room: ATLANTIC

Have you been wondering how to do reporting in Dynamics 365 Business Central? Get started quickly with a set of standard reports that are included with ForNAV. These reports are brand new, and designed and optimized for ForNAV. The set of standard reports includes sales and purchase documents, and financial reports and statistics. To further enhance the report design, you can choose from a set of included watermarks. These are PDF files, which mean that you get a high resolution regardless of how much you zoom in on the reports. If you want your own watermark on the documents, you can easily create one. The unique ForNAV Master Section technology enables you to use sections from other reports as a “template”. This significantly eases the maintenance of, for instance, your sales documents. ForNAV makes it really easy to work with reports in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Jan Silleman

partner ForNAV - ForNAV

Bio: Jan has 25+ years’ experience in the Danish and Global IT industry, primarily focused on ERP systems and solution sales. Prior to joining ForNAV, Jan has been driving his own business, and earlier, he was the Director of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Global Product Management. He worked for Microsoft and Navision for almost 16 years.

Michael Nielsen

partner ForNAV - ForNAV

Bio: Having worked for 28 years at Microsoft and Navision, Michael is, among other things, the father of C/AL and C/SIDE. Before joining ForNAV, he was a director of engineering, responsible for moving Microsoft Dynamics NAV from on-premises to a cloud solution and from a Windows user interface to an app-on-device.