Qucamba-“What’s New in Qucamba Reports 2.0 – Easy RDLC Reports for Dynamics NAV and Business Central

Date: Wednesday, October 31, 2018 | From: 12:15:00 to 13:00:00 | Room: OCEANIA F

One year ago, Qucamba presented version 1 of the revolutionary RDLC report tool, Qucamba Reports. This year, we’re going to release version 2.0. The most important improvement is the full extension support for Business Central. Those of you who don’t know Qucamba Reports yet will get a short introduction in how Qucamba Reports creates new standard RDLC reports in minutes and styles even hundreds of reports in just the same time. Qucamba Reports saves you up to 95% of report development costs. It doesn’t require any runtime licenses or additional products on your customer’s site. Reports created and customized with Qucamba Reports are 100% standard RDLC and look as if they had been created by professional. After a very short introduction, we’re going to demonstrate the new Qucamba Reports design workflow for Business Central extension development as well as a lot of new improvements, like workspaces, a new profile management and improvements in the CREATOR, STYLER and PREVIEW modules. Furthermore, we’re going to announce a new license type for Dynamics NAV end customers. Come on and join us!


Jörg Brugman

Managing Director - Qucamba GmbH

Bio: Jörg Brugman is managing director and founder of the get&use Academy in Germany. Since he’s also holding NAV reporting trainings he’s aware of the trouble going along with this topic. As a founder of Qucamba he searches for solutions to make NAV reporting easier while keeping track with NAV standards.

Sascha Port

Managing Director - Qucamba GmbH

Bio: Sascha Port is well known as a trainer and consultant for Microsoft Dynamics NAV with a product knowledge of over 25 years. Being a trainer at get&use Academy he also teaches NAV reporting and knows about the programmer’s pain. As a founder of Qucamba, his inspiration is to bring back fun to developers when they design NAV reports.