Designing application pages for a great user experience, Hands-on

Date: Tuesday, October 30, 2018 | From: 11:00:00 to 13:00:00 | Room: PACIFIC 1

IF (you already know the basics of AL + VS Code) OR (you're a coding veteran looking to adapt your solution to Business Central) THEN this workshop is for you. We start with a brief overview of different page types and UI concepts, followed by tips and best practices to deliver the best possible experience for your users. Learn how to apply signature elements of the Business Central UI. Get help from the experts as you work through self-paced exercises to design your first simple Role Center, List and Card pages. Bring questions about your solution and let us help you get the UI right. Note: this workshop uses Visual Studio Code and AL only and assumes you already have working knowledge of AL.


Henrik Frovst Madsen

- Microsoft

Ievgenii Korovin

Engineering Manager - Microsoft

Bio: Evgenij Korovin is the Engineering Manager within Dynamics 365 Business Central team. He is leading the team responsible to build standalone SMB/O365/AI apps, powered by Dynamics 365 platform. Evgenij joined Microsoft in 2006 working on Dynamics AX, Dynamics 365 F&O for almost a decade. He holds a MSc degree in Computer Science from National Technical University of Ukraine 'Kyiv Polytechnic Institute', Kyiv, Ukraine.

Jacob Winther

- Microsoft

Mike Borg Cardona

Program Manager - Microsoft

Bio: With over a decade at Microsoft, Mike has had the opportunity to work on Visual Studio, Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV as software developer, test lead and program manager. Most recently, he's busy obsessing about how to bring innovative ideas, intuitive interfaces and powerful tools to the diverse set of users of Dynamics 365 Business Central. Follow his ramblings on #msDyn365bc or @nibmike.