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Best Partner Business Central infrastructure

This prize goes the Partner who has setup the best infrastructure for their consultants and/or developers for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The best infrastructure is not necessarily surrounding the apps who have the largest number of customers

With this award, the “Panel” wants to encourage and award partners who have setup an environment around their application or customer specific solution development, which maximizes the productivity of developers and at the same time spawns solutions of the highest quality. We want to identify and share good practices in delivering world class solutions to customers.


Short examples

  • Consultants and developers are using a centralized system to spin up an environment for their daily tasks in no time.
  • All development work are done in feature branches in a source control system and when submitting pull requests, we are using automated testing and code reviews to ensure quality.
  • We are continuously integrating our app to the latest available version of Business Central to ensure that our customers remain current

Nomination requirements:

  • Nomination Title
  • Nomination Description
  • How consultants/developers are setting up and switching between environments for their daily work
  • How solutions are ensured to be of top quality
  • How solutions are kept current and available at the latest Business Central version at all time
  • Technologies used, investments, cost
  • Result
Best Partner Business Central infrastructure
Award prize:

Onstage during Directions EMEA 2019 to receive your price.

Executive tickets to Directions ASIA 2020 (2 persons) – to get updated on the Business Central 2020 April release.

Participating in Q&A Panel session at Directions EMEA 2019