Oriana International

Oriana helps organizations digitize their back-office and process-based operations by licensing its proprietary technology platform, Effector.

Effector, is a true low-code development platform to support business owners in delivering mission critical, web based, enterprise grade applications faster and more cost effectively than ever before. Without the need for hard to source software programming skills.

Built upon years of experience, Effector is a highly capable and sophisticated development platform capable of consolidating your application layer.

Effector allows you to design, develop and deploy enterprise solutions more cost effectively than before. From simple stand along applications to Dynamic Case Management and everything in between.

Effector excels in the back-office environment, where process workflow optimization can determine the competitive advantage of many organizations.

Industry agnostic with no vendor lock, Effector allows you to say "yes" to your operational digitalization needs and add the dynamic layer on top of your legacy system or ERP

Oriana International